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Harmony - Essential Oil Blend with Healing Crystal Roller Ball

Harmony - Essential Oil Blend with Healing Crystal Roller Ball

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This beautiful natural fragrance features orange, ylang ylang and cedar wood oils to help improving mood by aiding hormone imbalances in women.  Includes a genuine crystal roller ball.

Benefits & Ingredients

Each essential oil comes with an insert explaining the benefits of the oils and crystal. All of our oil blends are a 100% non-GMO and 95% Organic. We source 75-80% of our materials from local farms in Oregon and use only the highest quality ingredients. Made in the USA.

Orange oil is a powerful defender against oxidative stress that can negatively affect our immune systems. It is both uplifting and calming, it’s a great scent for brightening your mood in the morning or calming your nerves after a long day.

Ylang Ylang oil's  nourishing properties and rich antioxidants helps feminine hormonal imbalance. Its calming aroma not only influences the libido, but it also provides calm to the mind and body. Able to lower the heart rate and provide an overall sense of relaxation, Ylang Ylang can be an asset to anyone suffering from symptoms of depression or mood swings due to imbalanced hormones. With its ability to influence both mood and body, Ylang Ylang can offer daily support for combating the symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

Cedar wood oil's most common benefits found from consistent use include improved focus, helps with menstruation regulation, removes toxins, and stimulates the metabolism.

Ingredients- *cold-pressed sunflower oil, *orange, *ylang ylang, *cedar wood, *lavender. *Organic Ingredients

G2N’s organic natural personal care products are handcrafted in small batches therefore consistency may vary a bit. Never tested on animals, our natural personal care products are both earth and animal friendly. Please discontinue use immediately if rash or irritation occur.

Check with your physician before using any type of essential oils.