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Marketing & Advertising

G2N and CB sponsors the paid graphics, paid ads (podcasts, Instagram & Facebook) and featured content for each giveaway. We will share a mix of paid and organic content each month to encourage social media followers to nominate a loved one for the giveaway, to increase social media followers, and to raise brand awareness for all the Tribe members.


Here are some pertinent stats about the audience to which your brand and products will be exposed.

The average reach of a paid G2N campaign for giveaway:
  • Instagram Daily Reach: 24,000-34,000 people
  • Facebook: 10,400+ people
G2N Social Media Pages:
  • Instagram: 5,220 Followers
  • Facebook: 2,100+ Followers
The average reach of a paid Curated Brilliance campaign for giveaway:
  • Instagram Daily Reach: 12,000-32,000 people
  • Facebook: 1,000+ people
Curated Brilliance Social Media Pages:
  • Instagram: 6,000+ Followers
  • Facebook: 60+ Followers
Cherie Johnson Social Media Pages (Influencer):
  • Instagram: 65.4K Followers
  • Facebook: 15,000+ Followers
  • Twitter: 18.4K Followers
Going 2 Natural Community Blog
  • URL: https://going2natural.com
  • Subscribers: 9,084
  • Monthly Average Page Views: 7,384
  • Avg. Session Duration: 1.50 minutes
  • Bounce Rate: 14.26%
Advice for My Sistas Lifestyle Blog
  • This is the first quarter of the podcast and it is growing rapidly. Based on the growth, the podcast has been accepted and is airing on iHeart Radio, iTunes, and Spotify. It is also aired on: cheriesworldpodcast.com
  • Established June, 2019
  • Every Wednesday at 1:30pm Central Time
  • Approximate YTD Downloads: 100,000-150,000+
  • Average Weekly Show Downloads: 30,000-50,000+
Social Media Ads
  • G2N and CB will be promoting the Love Box Giveaway on Facebook, Instagram, and Cherie’s World Podcast.
  • G2N will budget up to $150 for promoting the Love Box Giveaway and Eco-Conscious Business Tribe Members.
  • G2N will increase the ad budget by 10 to 20% as the giveaway grows.
  • One 30-second spot per episode that airs during the current giveaway month.
  • Companies participating at the top two tiers (Rose Quartz and Amethyst) will be mentioned in the ad as a sponsor. 
  • Other tiers of sponsorships will not be mentioned by name during the podcast spot.  Announcer will say “and more” after naming the Rose Quartz and Amethyst-level sponsors.
  • We will include an image of your featured product, your business, or you in the multi-image Instagram post that announces the current month’s giveaway, the participating companies, and/or the featured products.
  • We will tag or mention your company in the multi-image Instagram post that announces the current month’s giveaway.
  • The G2N Team will author a blog post announcing and promoting each month’s LOVE BOX Giveaway.
  •  The monthly blog will highlight the current LOVE Box partners and their featured products.
  • As the Conscious Brand for the Conscious Community, we are curating a Market Place that will benefit prospective and existing customers, and Eco-conscious businesses.
  • Customers will find vetted companies that they can trust.
  • We will promote small business, plant-based, cruelty-free, organic, non-GMO companies from food to farms to fashion.

We have so much in store for our tribe from ongoing promotions, pop-up shops, live interviews to mastermind events where we would focus on how to increase brand awareness and our profits while giving back to the community . Please check the resource page once a month to see future updates, promotions and events. You will also receive a courtesy email once a month that will also provide updates. Feel free to reach out to us anytime with feedback or questions by dropping us an IG Chat or email us at eco-tribe@going2natural.com.