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Honest Earth Deodorant Paste -Trial Size
Honest Earth Deodorant Paste -Trial Size

Honest Earth Deodorant Paste -Trial Size

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If you are new to our community or new to our Honest Earth Deodorant product family, we have created a way to introduce you to some one of our best-selling products.  We have three delightful scent options.  Try them all and see which one you love the most! Our deodorants are hard working but gentle enough for sensitive skin. With ingredients you can pronounce and odor control you can trust. If you are transitioning to natural deodorant from antiperspirant, we highly recommend detoxing your pits. Read more under Benefits & Ingredients.

Benefits & Ingredients

Honest Earth deodorant paste is aluminum-free, organic and our customers can't rave enough about it. All aluminum free deodorants are not created equal and some can actually have other harsh chemicals in replacement of aluminum.

But NOT Honest Earth. We use the purest ingredients straight from Mother Earth. Ingredients you can trust and pronounce. Gentle enough for sensitive skin and made with 100% organic bentonite clay which is a natural detox for your armpits,  arrow root and tea tree oil which combats bacteria that causes order along with other order fighting natural ingredients. G2N’s vegan, organic deodorant provides you with protection to last you throughout the day. 

New to natural deodorant? If you are transitioning from antiperspirant, you may need to re-apply after 4 hours. This is while your body detoxes from the chemicals used to hold in the sweat and combat order. This detox process can take approximately 2 - 6 weeks but it may vary. Eating a healthy natural diet will decrease body odor. Don't know what to expect when detoxing from conventional to all natural deodorants. Email us at info@going2nautral.com. We are here to help. Read more about how to Detox Those Pits!

Disclaimer: Check with your physician before using any type of essential oils.

Please see individual product pages for ingredients