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Exhalation - Essential Oil Blend with Healing Crystal Roller Ball

Exhalation - Essential Oil Blend with Healing Crystal Roller Ball

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The natural healing properties of eucalyptus oil help with respiratory relief, while the rosemary oil is good for relieving cold and flu symptoms. Includes a genuine crystal roller ball.

Benefits & Ingredients

Each essential oil comes with an insert explaining the benefits of the oils and crystal. All of our oil blends are a 100% non-GMO and 95% Organic. We source 75-80% of our materials from local farms in Oregon and use only the highest quality ingredients. Made in the USA.

Just rub the oil on your chest and a VERY tiny amount under your nose and start to feel the relief.

Eucalyptus oil's decongestant properties can help to clear your chest by making your cough more productive. Applying our oil onto your chest area will assist in loosening mucus, so that when you cough, the thinned mucus can be expelled out of your chest. Eucalyptus oil assists with respiratory systems in the heart chakra region whenever shortness of breath or tightness occurs. These issues in the heart chakra region usually occur due to emotional pains and sufferings in the heart, however, when eucalyptus is placed on the area, the oil will release tightness, thus causing emotional issues and physical pains to disperse and inspire your heart to heal.

Rosemary is cultivated globally not only because of its culinary fame, but because of its medicinal benefits due to its high camphor content. Rosemary essential oil is good for relieving cold and flu symptoms because of it is a warming oil, reduces aches and pains, aids in circulation, and relieves nausea.

Orange oil assists the immune system by being a potent antioxidant and fighting free radicals which undermine health.

Ingredients- *cold-pressed sunflower oil, *eucalyptus, *rosemary, *orange, *calendula. *Organic Ingredients

G2N’s organic natural personal care products are handcrafted in small batches therefore consistency may vary a bit. Never tested on animals, our natural personal care products are both earth and animal friendly. Please discontinue use immediately if rash or irritation occur.

Check with your physician before using any type of essential oils.