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Enjoyment - Essential Oil Blend with Healing Crystal Roller Ball

Enjoyment - Essential Oil Blend with Healing Crystal Roller Ball

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The oil helps boost your mood and relax you. It smells amazing and is perfect for anytime you want to de-stress. Add a little extra behind your ears before bed and get a greats night sleep. Includes a genuine crystal roller ball.

Benefits & Ingredients

Each essential oil comes with an insert explaining the benefits of the oils and crystal. All of our oil blends are a 100% non-GMO and 95% Organic. We source 75-80% of our materials from local farms in Oregon and use only the highest quality ingredients. Made in the USA.

Lavender oil is one of the most used spiritual oils. It is said to calm and to heal along with being a natural anti-anxiety resource. It helps with insomnia and allows you to relax and release tension. The oil can help restore balance into one’s life, as well as calm and center their feelings and emotions and help you de-stress.

Sandalwood oil helps in healing by promoting a deeper relaxed state, increasing spiritual energy. It also relaxes the heart and throat chakras. Sandalwood oil has the capacity to balance and free all layers of being so that deep soul communion is made possible. It works on every level to release blocks and toxins and support a higher expression. When working with sandalwood, all of one’s dealings become elevated.

Ingredients- *cold-pressed sunflower oil, *lavender, *sandalwood, *rosemary.   *Organic Ingredients

G2N’s organic natural personal care products are handcrafted in small batches therefore consistency may vary a bit. Never tested on animals, our natural personal care products are both earth and animal friendly. Please discontinue use immediately if rash or irritation occur.

Check with your physician before using any type of essential oils.