I promise I don’t plan on writing some long introduction. Promise! (Feel to scroll down straight to the guide) But I would like to at least explain why since my husband and I first heard about COVID19 spreading to other countries quickly, we decided to take what some would say at the time some drastic measures to stay safe.

Now in recent findings, we are seeing that many of the things just a few weeks ago that seemed drastic are now being recommended. And I will be completely honest … NO ONE has a plethora of information about this virus. Research only started a few months ago. What we do know, is it spreads like wildfire. The virus can be lethal to anyone if they don’t have proper medical attention. Yes, most will survive, and many will not even have symptoms. But millions COULD die. And let’s be frank, it could be anyone…someone close to you or someone you know, may God forbid. That is the reality.

It is important to understand this is a new strain of coronavirus. The experts only know so much and are giving us the public a lot of cross information. But what every single medical professional does agree on… is that this virus is highly contagious and needs to be contained.

Now please let me be transparent and clear... I am in NO WAY a medical professional, but I was raised by 2 generations of nurses. I am certified in Natural Remedies. I continually study and have a knowledge of medicinal herbs. I believe there is a time for conventional medicine, a time for natural remedies and a time for both. I also think it is VITAL to approach our health from a preventative stance and always use the amazing things the earth has given us to live and be healthy. With that being said, I do practice what I preach by managing my own autoimmune condition with natural remedies, exercise, CBD and a plant-based diet.

This is by NO MEANS medical advice but a look into my life and what I do to stay safe with an autoimmune condition in this uncertain time. My motto is... better safe than sorry until we know more about COVID19. Being in denial is not going to make this go away and acting like it doesn’t faze you isn’t okay either. These are preventive measures to hopefully decrease the chance of catching and spreading the virus along with staying home, practicing social distancing when you have to go out and only going out when necessary. This is the only way to beat this thing. So please do as much as you can on this list, stay calm and stay home!

I have broken down my regime into sections, so it is easy to follow. Please reach out to me on Instagram’s DM - @going2natural or email serrieh@going2atural.com if you have any questions or feedback. Also, if you have any tips on how you are keeping yourself safe and healthy, please feel free to share.



      This is all about making sure our bodies have strong immune systems and we are mentally in the best place we can be at this time. This is not the cure or treatment of any virus but a preventive guide to help keep you and your family safe and healthy...mind, body and soul.
      1. Eating CLEANED raw and organic/non GMO fruit and vegetables EVERYDAY is really important to keep your immune system strong.
      2. Getting at least 30 minutes per day of movement is so important right now. It can be walking, yoga, biking, etc.
      3. Stay hydrated. Water is the most under used tool when it comes to our health and immune system. The general rule of thumb is to drink at least 8 cups of water per day.
      4. Try and get at least 8 hours of sleep per night and take a nap if you can. Our bodies are truly amazing and we heal most while our body sleeps. Sleep also aids in keeping your immune system strong.  
      5. Make sure you have increased your meditating, praying, chanting, etc… whatever you do to stay grounded. Keeping your stress levels down as much as one can right now... is really important.
      6. Reach out if you need someone to talk to. Saying something nice to someone even via the internet really changes your energy and theirs. When I order from Amazon Prime Now and they start my order… I go straight to the messages and thank them for all their hard work. It lightens my heart and body and I hope it does the same for them.



        1. If we have not been out at all for 5 days or over, we do this every 2/3 days depending how we feel.
        2. Coming in from being in the public of any kind, we do this regime every day for 3 days in a row and then resume the normal schedule above.
        3. If we feel under the weather, we do this every day for 4-5 days and then resume the normal schedule above.
        4. Organic and Non-GMO is the way to go.
        We take and practice the following weekly:
          1. 5-7 drops of oregano oil twice a day (I do not recommend taking oregano oil for more than 5-days in a row).
          2. 5-7 drops of black seed oil once a day.
          3. Vitamin C - 2500- 7500 mg (Break this up into 2 doses per day. Example: If I take 5000mg in one day, I will take 2500mg in the morning and then another 2500mg right before dinner).
          4. Magnesium – Take the daily dose recommended on bottle (This may make you a little drowsy so it is best to take before bed).
          5. Probiotic - Take the daily dose recommended on bottle (This should be taken in between your doses of oregano oil, at least 4 hours after or before).
          6. Vitamin D & B12 – Take the daily dose recommended on bottle.
          7. Do a towel steam at least once a day. You can add sage oil if you have it. If you don't have a humidifier you can do a towel steam over a pot of water. Adding lemon is good too.
          8. Moisturize every time you wash your hands. The thicker the moisturizer, the better. Using a body butter, oil or thick lotion is best. Little cracks in your hand's skin that are not visible to the eye are good hiding places for germs and viruses, so it is important to keep your skin hydrated.
          9. Eat 1-2 oranges a day.
          10. Drink 1-2 cups of lemon boiled water a day. ( Try to drink a cup first thing in the morning).
          11. Drink 1-2 cups of my  immune boosting tea. If you don’t have all the ingredients just use what you have. Recipe click here.

          Note* We also wipe down and then spray all doorknobs, light switches, window locks, or any other heavily touched areas around the house at least 3 -4 times per week along with regular cleaning.


          1. Wear gloves and a mask and only go out once per week or minimize your outings as much as possible. Only use this measure if you can diligently change your gloves to avoid cross contamination.
          2. If you do not have gloves or are scared of cross contamination... throughout this guide if I refer to changing your gloves, replace that with washing your hands (preferably) or using hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol in it.
          3. If you don't have a mask, you can get the one I found. Click Here. It is better than nothing. I also found some air filters (I wrapped it in a thin soft cloth) and put those inside of this mask to cover the breathing holes better.
          4. If you are an essential worker (First GOD BLESS YOU). Ask if you are permitted to wear gloves and a mask and be assertive. Make sure you do not cross contaminant yourself when you are using gloves and a mask. Cross-contamination is defined as the spread of germs from one surface or object to another.
          5. Do not touch your face to adjust mask or for any other reason.
          6. Do not carry a purse.
          7. Carry ID and Debit Card in clear reusable bag or Ziplock so they are easy to get to and easily disinfected.
          8. Carry only necessities like ID, Credit Card, Phone and Keys.
          9. Keep hand sanitizer in pocket (or somewhere easily accessible) and disinfectant spray in your car with a roll of paper towels.
          10. Spray down car (anywhere that may have been touched) entering and leaving the car EVERY TIME and with EVERY different place you go to.
          11. Take off gloves and use new ones when getting back into the car from each public place you go. If you go more than one place, then you need to change your gloves every time.
          12. Once returning home, remove gloves and dispose of them in your outside trash.
          13. Keep mask on if you are returning with items you need to disinfect. 
          14. Clean your hands with sanitizer.
          15. Spray disinfectant on any part of the car (out and inside) you touched (steering wheel, blinker, door handles, window and or heat controls, etc).


          IMPORTANT* Near the front door there should be a section where you keep uncleaned items and a section where you put the items as you disinfect them. (Do not touch your face until after your shower):

          1. Take shoes off and spray the soles of the shoes with disinfectant immediately. We do NOT wear shoes in the house, and they stay near front door.
          2. Personal belongings and items stay in "dirty designated area" until properly disinfected. (phone, debit card, id, keys, groceries etc).
          3. Wash hands 3 times up to elbows with soap and very warm water for at least 1 minute. Wash between fingers, nails, front, back, thumbs, wrists to elbows. I sing the ABCs to make sure I have washed long enough. We also use a nail brush. We soak our nail brush in skin safe disinfectant until next use.
          4. Put all outside clothes and mask if reusable directly into the washing machine and start the wash immediately using the hot water cycle.
          5. Discard mask if it is not reusable in a covered trash.
          6. Wash hands. (see number 3)
          7. Disinfect any part of the washer that may have been touched.
          8. Wash hands. (see number 3)
          9. Clean sink handles and area with disinfectant spray. 
          10. Wash hands. (see number 3)
          11. Clean disinfectant bottles or soap bottles you touched.
          12. Wash hands.
          13. At this point, you should only be in your under clothes while going through process below. ALL OUTSIDE clothes should be taken off and directly put into the washing machine.


          1. Do above steps first.
          2. Always use gloves, paper towels and a spray bottle when disinfecting anything.
          3. Do not use reusable bags for items you purchase at this time unless you wash them immediately with every use after returning from the public.
          4. Remove any extra packaging while outside like cracker or cereal boxes.
          5. Discard extra packaging in outside trash immediately.
          6. Clean your hands or gloves with sanitizer.
          7. Place personal belongings and items from any stores in the entry way on silicone mats that can easily be sprayed and wiped down when finished. You can also use a tarp, plastic tablecloth, etc. It needs to be a material you can wipe and spray with alcohol or disinfectant.
          8. Remember each item from the outside (keys, ID, phone, food in packages, toilet paper packages, bottle water, etc.) gets wiped down completely and then sprayed again with disinfectant and left to air dry, do not move until completely dry. If you spray plastic bread packages, the ink will come off but that is okay.
          9. Once items are dried and you have washed your hands thoroughly,  you can bring them safely into your house.
          10. Make sure you wipe down and spray disinfectant on each mat and surrounding area you used to disinfect your items on. WIPE, SPRAY AND LET AIR DRY. I do this twice.
          11. Wash your hands.
          12. Clean sink handles and area with disinfectant spray.
          13. Wash hands.
          14. Clean disinfectant bottles or soap bottles you touched.
          15. Wash hands.


          1. Take produce and put it directly into the sink. ALL produce gets soaked in warm water and vegetable wash for 20-30 minutes in the sink. You can use a couple drops of soap if you don't have vegetable wash (unscented or all natural is best). VINEGAR does not work in this case but can still be added to the solution.
          2. Produce can soak while you take a shower.
          3. Once it has soaked for 30 minutes, scrub with vegetable brush and rinse thoroughly. I bought this brush for my produce and as a nail brush.
          4. Clean vegetable brush thoroughly and let air dry.
          5. Place your vegetables on a towel on the counter or a dish rack to air dry. Do not layer them. Once air dried, store as usual.
          6. Clean sink handles and area with disinfectant spray.
          7. Wash hands.
          8. Clean disinfectant bottles or soap bottles you touched.
          9. Wash hands.
          Note*  For the time being, we are not eating any store bought produce cannot be soaked probably without wilting or damaging the produce. Almost all produce should be able to be soaked. You can also grow lettuce and herbs in the ground or pot practically anywhere there is partial sun.


            1. DO NOT bring any unnecessary boxes or envelopes in the house.
            2. Discard outer envelopes in outside trash.
            3. Unwrap all shipped packages outside with gloves on and follow steps taken above when you bring items from the outside in your home. See WHEN DISINFECTING ITEMS FROM OUTSIDE and then follow LAST STEPS below:

            YAY!!! FINAL STEP:

            1. TAKE A SHOWER once you are done unpacking and disinfecting and or letting produce soak.
            2. Never sit or use anything in your house until you take a shower. Clean your hair and body.
            3. Adding a few drops of eucalyptus or sage oil to walls or floors of your shower helps clean your lungs while showering.
            4. Drink hot lemon water (3 slices of lemon minimum to one cup of boiling water) or hot tea.

            We will continually update this plan if needed based on data and information received. Last update : 03/28/2020 2:25pm PST.

            Stay safe and remember we are all in this together and for the LOVE OF GOD... please STAY HOME!

            Important Note* Please check with your doctor before using any herbs or oils to ensure safe use and avoid reaction to any medication you may be taking.

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